Patient Testimonials

Marcy's exceptional concern, caring and support in taking charge of my “issues” always leave me feeling 80% better than when I first arrived for the appointment. However I hasten to add that the best part is the next day when I really can feel the total difference in what you have done! You’ve helped me tremendously and PS it’s time for another Marcy Magic Meeting!!
– Brooks S.

At a point when I was struggling with some tough life experiences, Marcy’s treatments were vital in returning me to health, happiness and joy.  She was a great listener and had a deep understanding of what I needed each time I came to see her.  I am so thankful for the healing that she provided.  My life is much more joyful now, and I feel so much better.

— Pamela M.

Marcy L’Hommedieu was my acupuncturist for several months at Academy for Five Element Acupuncture. Marcy helped resolve or dramatically improve several serious health issues I was experiencing. She was professional, prepared for my visits, knowledgeable about both hands-on treatments as well as suggestions for herbs to supplement the treatments. She helped me with migraines, stress, and incontinence.  In fact, through treatments and herbs, she eliminated the migraines completely. I can highly recommend her and would gladly continue my treatment with her should she return to the Gainesville, FL area.
– Patricia B.

I recommend Marcy as one of the most confident and capable 5 Elements Acupuncturists I have worked with on my health issues to date. She approaches her work with skill and compassion. I felt as though Marcy understood my needs and held me in deep reverence as a soul on this journey in a body. I improved both physically and spiritually under Marcy’s loving care. There were many treatments that I received from Marcy that not only relieved physical distress, but brought me to a deeper understanding and appreciation of my life. I am in her debt for helping me make a profound transition.
– Monica N.


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