Herbal Apothecary

Bring the Entire Body Back into Harmony

Chinese herbs have been prescribed for over 2000 years. They are the perfect compliment to Five Element Acupuncture. Chinese herbs will make the treatments more effective and last longer.  Harmonic Acupuncture prescribes formulas made by Evergreen Herbs. Marcy uses this company because of their commitment to quality, safety, and education. There are hundreds of herbal formulas to choose from to help each person’s individual needs. These herbal formulas may be taken in capsule form or be dissolved in warm water.  Chinese Herbal formulas help balance the body and enhances the treatments that

Marcy gives.

Like acupuncture, Chinese herbs can take time to work. Most formulas are “tonics” which means they build. In our Western society, we often deplete our systems completely. These tonics gently rebuild our reserves. Chinese herbs not only help with physical pain, but can also help a person sleep better or help with anxiety. For women, the herbs may help regulate their menses.

These formulas are monitored for the first few weeks to make sure the system is working well. If a patient is coming down with the flu or a cold, it is advisable to stop taking the herbal tonics. At this time, Marcy has formulas that will help disperse the flu or cold. Almost everyone feels better when taking their Chinese formula.


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