Opening the Way for a Vibrant Spirit to Shine

Five Element Acupuncture helps the body heal itself by restoring its natural balance. We can look to nature to see how balancing and counterbalancing restore harmony. Our body has this same ability, but with the stress we place on our bodies in the modern age, it is hard to remain in balance. This is where acupuncture can help. Fine-gauge needles are gently inserted into specific points that will help harmonize the mind, body and spirit. Each treatment is unique in the set of points that is used. Moxa, a cone of dried herbs, is also used to warm and tonify the points.

Almost anyone will benefit from Five Element Acupuncture. Acupuncture can be used for a person that needs gentle balancing or for an individual who is in severe pain, anxiety or depression. In more severe cases, acupuncture may not totally relieve the pain, but it will almost definitely help. This modality is not a miracle drug and it can take time. Most people will see benefits within 6-10 treatments, but others feel much better after one treatment. It is realistic to expect that you will need a month of treatment for every year that you have had the condition, although most people begin to feel improvement much sooner. There are many people that come in just to feel more balanced emotionally and spiritually, which helps maintain homeostasis in this stressful world.


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